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Slipping and falling could result in various minor and life-threatening injuries, which is why victims are provided by tort laws the right to claim for damages against the negligent party or parties whose action or lack of it resulted in the accident. Pursuant to personal injury laws, owners of commercial and residential establishments are liable for the injuries sustained by their guests due to an accident that occurred in their property.

If you slipped and fell in an establishment due to the negligence of the property owner to ensure the safety of their guests or visitors, you have a case of slip and fall. You may be entitled to personal injury damages, including hospital expenses, rehabilitation and medication expenses, loss of income, loss of future income, loss of consortium, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. However, claiming for these damages is no easy task, which is why it is strongly recommended among slip and fall victims to seek legal assistance from the best slip and fall attorney.

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Our professional legal team at Personal Injury Lawyers Inc. have decades of experience in defending and championing the rights of slip and fall victims throughout the State of California. Equipped with solid legal know-how, extensive experience in negotiations and mediations, and untarnished track record, our law office can assure you of the uncompromised and unrivaled legal representation. Our firm does not only specialize in slip and fall cases, we are also adept in representing clients with cases of car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, premises liability, product liability, workplace injuries, brain injury, dog bite or animal attacks, and wrongful death.

You should know that as a victim of slip and fall, you have the right to pursue a claim against the liable individual or group of individuals. However, unfortunately, it is easier said than done. If pursuing a slip or trip and fall case in Los Angeles without the assistance of a legal expert, you can be certain that you will not receive maximum compensations from the insurance company. Insurance firms are likely to take advantage of your lack of knowledge of the legal and insurance systems, which can be detrimental on your claim. Hence, it is extremely important that you hire the best slip and fall lawyers who will serve as your beacon of justice.

What to Do To Win Slip and Fall Case?

Slip and fall accidents are among the most common types of personal injury accidents not only in California but in the whole United States. If you get involved in one, you should know how to react to the situation properly in order to prevent serious physical injuries and not to compromise your legal rights. Victims of slip and fall may sustain minor to severe injuries, such as should and neck injury, traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury (SCI), hip fracture, sprains and fractures. Simply put, such type of accident will not only cause you physical harm but inability to continue living a normal life for months or even years.

Under the personal injury laws, if an individual slip and falls in a commercial or residential establishment due to the negligence of the owner to ensure his/her guests safety, the victim has the right to file a slip and fall case. However, successfully claiming and winning this type of case is a bit more complicated than it sounds.

In most cases, insurance companies will try their best to discredit the claim of the victims. It is not uncommon for these companies to take advantage of legal concepts such as comparative fault, comparative negligence, and contributory negligence, which can totally discard or decrease the right of the victims to rightful compensations. Basically, insurance companies will do everything to claim that the victims’ actions have contributed to the incident, which make the property owners not solely liable to the accident. Needless to say, claiming a slip and fall case is no easy feat, especially if you don’t have proper legal representation.

If you have such case and you want to avoid being cheated by insurance companies, then it must be your second nature to consult and hire topnotch personal injury attorneys. You don’t have to deal with this unfortunate legal situation on your own because you may end up giving away your rights and your chances at obtaining maximum amount of compensations. Let your legal defenders take care of your case and win it for you.

You may think that hiring a slip and fall law firm will cost you a fortune but you should know that there are firms that do provide clients with contingency-based representation. These law offices that offer No Win, No Fee services will guarantee you of hassle-free and inexpensive representation. You don’t have to fret about the legal fees, and instead, you can focus on your recovery from your injuries. By cooperating with your law experts, you can be confident that you will receive the highest compensations possible. The compensation you will get will help you a lot in your recovery and in coping with the financial struggles you have experienced due to your injuries.

While this type of personal injury case is complicated, you should not lose hope. With the valiant efforts and assistance of your legal team, rest assured that your case will be resolved in your favor. In a nutshell, in order to win a slip and fall case, the first thing you should do is to allow a good law office to take care of your case.

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